About Us

About Us

We are proud to be a family owned and operated farm. Shauna grew up in Winder and loves basking in southern hospitality and the long, (not so) lazy days of summer. She loves chickens, fresh Georgia peaches, the smell of fresh cut wood, and loves to marvel at the tiny intricacies of her flowers. She married Douglas, and they have five beautiful children together. 

Our family loves to be outside. We love going on walks, working on the farm, hiking, playing catch, and watching the kids do tricks on the trampoline. We fight over who gets to mow the grass. (Shauna usually wins.) We adore and spoil our darling chickens. Our kids carry them around the yard like babies and feed them treats. We even built them a “Chicken Palace.

When the idea of a flower farm came to us, it just made perfect sense. We already love being outside. We love growing things. We love admiring beautiful blooms. We have a little extra space to plant in- so let’s go for it!

We are still in the beginning stages of this journey, and we’ve already learned a lot. But we’re excited to see where this adventure takes us.



We love sparking joy through fresh blooms! Flowers ALWAYS bring a smile! They speak to our hearts and can turn a bad day into a good one and a good day into an amazing day. They brighten up a space and make it feel welcoming. And they are such a beautiful way of showing someone you care. 

But did you know that 80% of flowers in the United States are imported? 

OUR local blooms are grown with Mother Nature in mind. Not to mention that our flowers will stay fresh and last longer than flowers that have been shipped from far away. And because our blooms come from our dainty, little farm, they’ve been given much more care and attention to detail. 

Flowers. Should. Be. Everywhere.

Always fresh and always beautiful.



We are crazy about flowers! Our flower farm provides high quality, sustainably grown flowers locally to help beautify our community and brighten your day. Come get your flower fix today! 

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